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Asian dating events Asian dating events Asian dating events Asian dating events Asian dating events

Exclusive Members Club for Single Asian Professionals

At the forefront of the Asian dating world, Tantric Club is an exclusive members club for single Asian professionals. Established in 2004, Tantric Club connects like-minded members through common interests via fun activity-based events, dinner parties and an Asian dating agency service. So no matter which stage you find yourself in your search, we have a service that will suit your needs.
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"A personal relationship starts with human contact, not a computer screen, which is why all of our activities are focused on face-to-face encounters..."
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Latest Dating Article/Blog
Seriously, Do Asian Dating Events Really Work? By Alpa Saujani
Every so often I get asked "Seriously, Do Asian Dating Events Really Work? The answer is YES they do work. Ask the numerous couples who have met through this avenue and just do the maths, if they didn’t companies like Tantric Club would cease to exist. So perhaps the real question should be "How can I make an Asian Dating event work for me?” Come with an open-mind & a positive attitude - Just imagine having a conversation with someone who is narrow-minded, whinging and oozing of negativity. How attractive is this person? Would you want to date them, let alone have a conversation with them? Keep it real - Sometimes people forget that the purpose of an event is to seize opportunities to meet and connect with new like-minded single people. They are not matchmaking events (unless otherwise stated) based on...

Fussy & Picky When it Comes to Dating? By Alpa Saujani
Whether you've been single for a while, or you're a serial dater the chances are that at some point you've been called 'picky, fussy' or berated for having 'high standards'. In the cold light of day how true is this? Are you really fussy and picky, or do you simply believe that it really means that you know what you want and are not prepared to settle for anything less? Let's assume that it's the latter. You've been holding out for what you perceive to be your ‘ideal mate' but it's been 2, 5 or even over 10 years and you've still not met the one. Everyone around you is getting engaged, married or having babies, they make it look so easy, so why is it not happening for you? Last week I was speaking to a single (never been married) Sikh guy, aged 46, who I will call Bobby. He was telling me that he is serious about meeting someone and...
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