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Hi Alpa,
I just wanted to relay some feedback about the museum guide. I thought she was a lovely lady, very knowledgeable, passionate, approachable and energetic in the delivery of the material she covered. I did learn a lot in the allotted 1 hour. All credit to the guide and her detailed explanations. 



Ranjit, Hindu Punjabi Male, Exclusive Tour at the British Museum on India, Oct 2013

Hi Alpa,

Hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know that I am finding the events to be great and I am really getting into meeting new people. Coming to Tantric Club has made me realise that I have been secluded for so long and am really enjoying being part of the Club. Even coming by myself I have interacted with many people and I am really happy to be able to get the opportunity to talk to so many people.

I look forward to seeing you at the Tango event.

Thank you


CC, Gujarati Female, Sep 2013

Hi Alpa,

I had a fantastic time on Saturday. Well done and thank you for organising it. Sorry for not joining you at the club afterwards. I realised as soon as I got there, that it was getting late and needed to head off! I've been reading your articles on your site and I am impressed with the information that you have provided your members, like me! Oh, I loved reading the; chocolate ice cream scenario!

Looking forward to the next event.

Khushee (new member)

Khushee, Hindu Punjabi Female, Tantric Club James Bond Martini Tasting Evening, Sep 2013
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